Small Town Pizza Community Support Cards are a great fundraiser for clubs and organizations throughout the year. This is a card that is sold to the organization or club for $1.00 and is then sold to the community for $10. This leaves the organization with a $9.00 profit per support card they sell. When customers present this card at Small Town Pizza, they are given a third free pizza with the purchase of two at regular price. Our largest yearly fundraising event is our school fundraising. This is a 3 day event in May in which half our proceeds are raised for local schools within the community. In addition, we supply discounted prices for large events such as: dances, schools, churches, etc. Small Town Pizza likes to support our local community, as they have supported us over the years. 

Community Response

"Thank you to all our families who ordered pizza from Small Town Pizza during the fundraiser in May. We would also like to thank Small Town Pizza for their support. Our school has received $314.87 that will go towards our Track and Field expenses. Thank you for your continued support!" ~ Rhonda Gingrich, Principal, Centre Peel School, Drayton, ON

How It Works

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